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Belgia, Północno - wschodnia Belgia, Peer
Type of activities :

Aqua Mundo

In Erperheide's Aqua Mundo you find yourself snorkelling amongst exotic fish in the sunken fishing village one moment, only to be shot at with water cannons a little while later in the Children's Pool.

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Emplacement dans le parc

See 74 activities

74 activities Available

High Adventure Experience (outdoors) Erperheide

High Adventure Experience (outdoors)

BALUBA Indoor Play World Erperheide

BALUBA Indoor Play World

Pony ride Erperheide

Pony ride

Water Playhouse Erperheide

Water Playhouse

Pedalo Erperheide


Canoe or kayak trip Erperheide

Canoe or kayak trip

Duinengordel Erperheide


Family Laser Battle (outdoor) Erperheide

Family Laser Battle (outdoor)

Archery (outdoor) Erperheide

Archery (outdoor)

Wall climbing (Outdoor) Erperheide

Wall climbing (Outdoor)

Family Bike Erperheide

Family Bike

Tennis (outdoor) Erperheide

Tennis (outdoor)

Zip Wire, exhilarating cable-lift Erperheide

Zip Wire, exhilarating cable-lift

Mini-Ninebots Erperheide


Electric cart Erperheide

Electric cart

Center Parcs Excursions: Covered wagon ride Erperheide

Center Parcs Excursions: Covered wagon ride

Badminton (indoor) Erperheide

Badminton (indoor)

Adventure golf Erperheide

Adventure golf

Bowling Erperheide


Skiing and snowboarding Erperheide

Skiing and snowboarding

Ping pong (indoor) Erperheide

Ping pong (indoor)

Mountain Biking Erperheide

Mountain Biking

E-bike Erperheide


Football Erperheide


Volleyball Erperheide


Family Workshop Erperheide

Family Workshop

Gazelle bikes Erperheide

Gazelle bikes

Padel Erperheide


Kids Safari Erperheide

Kids Safari

The Children's Farm Erperheide

The Children's Farm

Pony Experience Erperheide

Pony Experience

Pony Walk Erperheide

Pony Walk

Kids Driving School Erperheide

Kids Driving School

Low Adventure Experience Erperheide

Low Adventure Experience

Trampoline Erperheide


Wannabe a Princess or Knight Erperheide

Wannabe a Princess or Knight

Kids Workshop Erperheide

Kids Workshop

Wannabe a Chef Erperheide

Wannabe a Chef

Kids Workshop: Make your own Stuffed Animal Erperheide

Kids Workshop: Make your own Stuffed Animal

Orry & Friends: Kids' Disco Erperheide

Orry & Friends: Kids' Disco

Wax hands Erperheide

Wax hands

Orry & Friends: Bedtime stories Erperheide

Orry & Friends: Bedtime stories

Orry & Friends Show Erperheide

Orry & Friends Show

Playground Erperheide


Kiddies Programme Erperheide

Kiddies Programme

Fun Bikes Erperheide

Fun Bikes

Wannabe a Farmer Erperheide

Wannabe a Farmer

E-Cars Erperheide


Glitter Tattoo Erperheide

Glitter Tattoo

Kids Make Over Erperheide

Kids Make Over

Orry & Friends: Crazy Gameshow Erperheide

Orry & Friends: Crazy Gameshow

Kids Spa Erperheide

Kids Spa

Orry & Friends Entertainment Erperheide

Orry & Friends Entertainment

Wild river Erperheide

Wild river

Outdoor pool Erperheide

Outdoor pool

Wave pool Erperheide

Wave pool

Hot tubs Erperheide

Hot tubs

Cool Factor: Wild Water rafting Erperheide

Cool Factor: Wild Water rafting

Dive Introduction Erperheide

Dive Introduction

Kids Diving Introduction (1h) Erperheide

Kids Diving Introduction (1h)

Snorkelling Pool Erperheide

Snorkelling Pool

Toddler's pool Erperheide

Toddler's pool

Lagoon pool Erperheide

Lagoon pool

Lazy River Erperheide

Lazy River

Slides Erperheide


Family Quiz Night Erperheide

Family Quiz Night

Live Music Erperheide

Live Music

Crazy Game Time Erperheide

Crazy Game Time

Dj Night Erperheide

Dj Night

Gametown Erperheide


Bungee Trampoline Erperheide

Bungee Trampoline

Winter Wonderland Erperheide

Winter Wonderland

Giant slide Erperheide

Giant slide

Kids Haven Erperheide

Kids Haven

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