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Park Allgäu

Niemcy, Południowe Niemcy, Leutkirch

40 activités dans ce domaine

Aqua Mundo

Aqua Mundo: our still unparalleled famous water park invented by Center Parcs. A true bathing paradise for you to enjoy. Run under the palm trees and splash around, then hurtle down the slides or the rapids. Take a dip in the wave pool or splash around with your little ones in the children's pool. In some parks, you can even admire real fish while free diving! And all this without red eyes because the water at Center Parcs contains 90% less chlorine than other pools.




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40 results

Adrenaline Experience Silver Park Allgäu

Adrenaline Experience Silver

Interactive Mini Golf (indoor) Park Allgäu

Interactive Mini Golf (indoor)

Autumn Park Allgäu


Experience Farm Park Allgäu

Experience Farm

Climbing Wall Park Allgäu

Climbing Wall

Duo Zip Wire Park Allgäu

Duo Zip Wire

Tower Jump Park Allgäu

Tower Jump

Pedalo Park Allgäu


Laser Battle Park Allgäu

Laser Battle

HangOut (outdoor) Park Allgäu

HangOut (outdoor)

Mini Golf (outdoor) Park Allgäu

Mini Golf (outdoor)

Archery Park Allgäu


Segway ride Park Allgäu

Segway ride

Local Market Park Allgäu

Local Market

Ninebot Park Allgäu


Climbing Paradise Park Allgäu

Climbing Paradise

Electric Family Bike Park Allgäu

Electric Family Bike

Electric Cart Park Allgäu

Electric Cart

Mountainbiking Park Allgäu


Center Parcs Academy Park Allgäu

Center Parcs Academy

Bowling Park Allgäu


Gazelle bikes Park Allgäu

Gazelle bikes

Family Workshop: Pottery painting Park Allgäu

Family Workshop: Pottery painting

Vertical Run Park Allgäu

Vertical Run

Creative Workshop - Upcycling Park Allgäu

Creative Workshop - Upcycling

Beach Volleyball (outdoor) Park Allgäu

Beach Volleyball (outdoor)

Center Parcs Excursion: Horseback riding Park Allgäu

Center Parcs Excursion: Horseback riding

MTB riding technique course kids Park Allgäu

MTB riding technique course kids

Digital Nature Discovery Park Allgäu

Digital Nature Discovery

Center Parcs excursions: painting ceramics Park Allgäu

Center Parcs excursions: painting ceramics

Fitness Park Allgäu


Football (outdoor) Park Allgäu

Football (outdoor)

Geocaching Park Allgäu


Geocaching: Orrys Adventure Lab Park Allgäu

Geocaching: Orrys Adventure Lab

Mystery Table: Waldburg Castle Park Allgäu

Mystery Table: Waldburg Castle

MTB Tour with technique course Park Allgäu

MTB Tour with technique course

Bagger-Park Park Allgäu


Quick Jump & Zip Line Park Allgäu

Quick Jump & Zip Line

Sports Tournaments Park Allgäu

Sports Tournaments

Deep Nature fitness room Park Allgäu

Deep Nature fitness room

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